Selling A Home In Fort Lauderdale

Experience has shown me that most home sellers have 5 things in common when selling a home:

  • Price -The highest Sales Price and best terms
  • Time - The shortest possible time on the market
  • Convenience - The least inconvenience, with management of the details.
  • Comunication - Frequent communication to be kept informed throughout the home sale process
  • Diligent Effort - Evidence that their Real Estate professional is working diligently on their behalf.

Looking for a Home Selling Guide? Do you know what your home/condo is worth? Click here for a quick online estimate.

The 3 P's To Successfully Selling Your home:
Preparation, Price & Promotion

Preparation - When selling any home, the first thing you must do is prepare it to be marketed to and viewed by potential buyers. This means you must address repairs, staging and cleanliness. When we meet with you, the fist step is to conduct a walk-thru of the property to see what repairs may need to be done before listing, in order for you to net the most money from a sale. 

Price - Review a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of Listing & Sales activity within your neighborhood going back six months. Potential Buyers will be comparing your home, features and benefits not just to similar homes on the market for sale, but homes that recently sold and closed.

Promotion - We have a multi-phase campaign that is broken down into two parts: pre-MLS marketing and post-listing marketing. Both campaigns focus on utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so the home shows up in Google results, blog posts promoting the home as well as Facebook Ad campaigns geared to generate buzz before the listing hits MLS and afterward.

Staging Your Home To Sell

Fast, Simple Fix-Ups That Will Help You Sell Your Home For The Highest Possible Price!

Think of your home as a product or service. You need to "package" or "stage" it attractively to create a demand for it. Here are some fast, inexpensive changes that should make your home stand out among similarly-priced homes in your neighborhood:

It begins with the Exterior
Your yard, and the exterior of your house, is the first impression that potential buyers have of your home.

Yard - Keep your lawn neat and well trimmed, with well proportioned shrubs. Consider replanting flowers or creating a flowerbed to enhance the appearance of your yard.

The Front Door - Make sure your door is tightly on its hinges! Furthermore, the door should be neat and clean. Paint it if it needs it. If the door is in poor shape, consider replacing it. Consider adding an inviting "welcome mat".

Home Exterior - Check for missing roof tiles, straight lines on gutters, shutters, and windows; solid caulking around roofs and seams. Apply fresh paint where it needs it. Also, make sure the windows are clean; potential buyers often peer through the windows. Be sure that the pool is clean and crystal clear.

The Interior
Cleanliness - Consider hiring a cleaning person to keep the house tidy and neat for buyer showings.

Lights - During the evening, or whenever you have potential buyers in the home, make sure ALL lights are on and use high wattage bulbs. This makes the room appear more inviting and spacious. Also, make sure window treatments are always open to let as much sunlight in as possible.

Smell - I recommend using a vanilla air freshener that applies to your air-conditioning filter. This gives your home that "new model home" aroma.

Air-Conditioning - Be sure the air-conditioning is turned on and the home is cool and comfortable. This is especially important in the summer months.

Remove Excess Furniture - Remove as much furniture as possible. This can make your rooms appear dramatically larger.

The Living/Family Room - Strive for lived-in, cozy feeling. Discard worn, chipped, frayed furniture. Add lamps if it is dark. Open window-treatments. Set out fresh flowers.

The Kitchen - Many buyers judge the house keeping by the oven and stove. Appliances should be spotless and everything in perfect working condition. Replace or repair anything that sticks, squeaks, or drips. Clear counter-tops of all clutter.

Master Bedroom - This is the second-most appealing room to a buyer (after the kitchen). Remove excess furniture to make it appear larger. Show the true size of the closets by removing or packing items that can be stored elsewhere.

Bathrooms - Make sure bathrooms are always neat and clean. Remove clutter from sink counter-tops. Make sure showers are free of soap scum and tile grout is in good shape. Most buyers pay special attention to this.

Setting the Stage - Make sure that the exterior and interior are both in order prior to showings. Appeal to the potential buyer's sensesturn all lights on, home has a vanilla aroma, and perhaps soft classical or jazz music playing.

Leave the House - You know the saying, "Two's Company, Three's A Crowd!" Leave the house and take the family and family pets with you. Buying a home has a lot to do with emotions, so allow the buyers privacy to walk through your home. It is important that the buyers relax and "feel" comfortable and "assume ownership." If you must stay home during a showing, be courteous, stay out of the way, and only answer questions when asked. Do not engage conversation and never discuss price and terms.

A picture is worth A Thousand Words

We've all heard this expression! When it comes to real estate promotion, professional photography is a must. our photographer uses advanced expensive equipment including a drone to capture wide angle shots and spectacular aerial photos of the neighborhood.

What's the difference between regular photos & professional photos?

3601 Sahara Springs Blvd Pompano Beach - Front    

Selling A House - Regular Photo   

Parkland Regular Photo   

Why Hire Us?

Gone are the days when an agent could just put up a listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), put a sign in the yard and sit back and wait for another agent to sell the property for them. If all it took to sell was to list in the MLS and put up a sign, wouldn't everyone be selling their homes themselves? 

We are not your typical agents. Our focus is to proactively and aggressively market your home with one goal: To sell your property for the most money possible in the least amount of time.

Here are a few of the ways we achieve this:

  • Pre-MLS Marketing - Before we officially list your property for sale in the Multiple Listing Service, we'll begin a targeted pre-MLS campaign catered to specifically garner interest and traffic to your property prior to it even hitting the market.
  • Professional Photography - Over 90% of buyers begin their home searches online, so first impressions matter. This is why we take the expense of hiring a professional photographer for everyone of our listings, ensuring we show the property in the best light from the very beginning.
  • Premium Online Placement - When you see on of our listings on the national real estate syndicate websites, we are listed as the contact agent so that a prospective buyer only speaks to us, and not a random agent.
  • Social Media Promotion - Coldwell Banker is dedicated to the online promotion and social media marketing of our listed properties. It's all about exposure!
  • Communication - Open and honest communication is paramount to success. We will stay in communication from listing to closing!  
    When we meet, we will share the full details of these steps and more...

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