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Posted by John Sabia on Friday, June 15th, 2018 at 6:11pm.

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Now Is Not A Good Time To Rent!

I'm often asked "how's the market" or "is now a good time to buy?". However, one question I'm never asked, is if it's a good time to rent! I would like to make sure that everyone understands, now is NOT a good time to rent at all!

Recently released by the Census Bureau, was the 2018 first quarter median rent numbers. Per their report, and illustrated below in the graph; the findings show increases in rental payments from 1988 to present day:

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As you can see, rents have steadily been in the rise and are showing no indications of slowing down. If you are debating whether or not to continue renting when your lease expires, you may be pleasantly surprised that you may be qualified to buy a home or condo of your own instead.

It takes just a few minutes to see if you are qualified to purchase and how much home you can afford!

In Closing

One way to shelter yourself from the ever increasing rental payments is to lock in your housing expenses by purchasing your own Fort Lauderdale homes for sale or your own townhouse or condo in Fort Lauderdale,

If you have been thinking about purchasing a property and are ready and willing, let's chat to determine if you are able to today! 

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