What Are Homeowners Top Complaints?

Posted by John Sabia on Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 7:21am.

As shoppers begin the buying process of looking at homes for sale and condos for sale, most prospective homebuyers have a long list of features they must have, whether it be an open floor plan, or large family room, etc. However, along with the list of must haves, most buyers also have an equally long list of things they do not want or want to avoid in their new home.

Even with all the careful planning and consideration beforehand, once a new buyer has found a home, purchased it and moved in, there will always be a few items they didn’t realize were necessary and some issues that never crossed their minds when they were looking at properties. To avoid this happening, potential buyers can learn a great deal from what current homeowners dislike about their home and neighborhood.

A recent study by HSH.com surveyed homeowners to find out what they are most upset about their current home and would cause them to move. Top on the list of complaints and no surprise, was not enough storage space in the home. Next on the list was excessive maintenance, insects, wildlife and a home being too old or not updated enough.

Some complaints that were unexpected: 25 percent of respondents named lack of good water pressure, while 30 percent said not enough parking for all family members. With regards to neighborhoods, many homeowners complained about noisy and messy neighbors or unfriendly neighbors, and too much traffic. Read more here

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