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Housing Market 2018 VS 2008

Many folks are wondering if there is a comparison between the current real estate housing market and the market just prior to the "boom and bust" ten years ago. Looking at just price appreciation alone, many fear that we are on a similar path, advancing quickly toward another market downturn.

However, looking deeper into the data, there is a defining difference between the two market periods. During the last decade, the demand for real estate was artificially created by very relaxed lending standards combined with a large amount of inventory added to the market to meet the demand. Below is a chart illustrating the amount of inventory of homes for sale just prior to the market crash in 2008.

blog - graph of 2008 inventory

During a normal real estate market, there is approximately a six month supply of housing inventory. As illustrated in the above chart, the inventory level spiked to over an eleven months supply just before the housing crisis. When loose lending standards ceased and demand fizzled, the result was an oversupply of properties for sale which in turn caused prices to decrease. There was too much inventory with little demand.

Today Is completely different

Some folks believe our current low mortgage rate environment has created an artificial demand in the real estate market. Their concern is rising interest rates may cause demand to slow up, which is a valid concern.

However, the chart below illustrates the current monthly supply of inventory is considerably lower than the norm of six months.

blog - chart of 2018 inventory

In Closing

Should the current real estate market begin to soften, unlike in 2008, there isn't an oversupply of inventory to cause homes to come tumbling down. Instead, should demand soften, housing will adjust to a normal market of approximately six months inventory combined with historic levels of 3.6 annual appreciation.

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