Real Estate Still Considered Best Long Term Investment

Posted by John Sabia on Monday, August 10th, 2015 at 9:48am.

In a recent survey by Bankrate, almost thirty percent of Americans felt that real estate was the best investment for money they didn't need for at least 10 years. Ranking number 1 for the first time in three years, real estate ranked higher than cash, the stock market and bonds. In addition to a poll released by Gallup in April of this year, this Bankrate survey marks the second time this year that Americans revealed they trust the real estate housing market the most with their money.

It also signals that following several years after the housing melt down when real estate was no longer considered a safe investment, many Americans are once again ready to get back into the market buying residential homes and condos for sale.

Fueled by favorable buying conditions - such as relatively low mortgage rates still below historic norms and somewhat stable home values, real estate is considered far less of a bumpy ride than the daily ups and down of the stock market and provides a tangible sense of security one doesn't feel with stocks and bonds. 

Whatever the reason, Americans' impression of the housing market is definitely on the mend. More on this here...

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John Sabia

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