Most People Don't Pay Attention To Home Prices

Posted by John Sabia on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 at 7:22am.

Findings from a recent study showed most Americans are not up to date with local home price trends. Twenty-five percent of those surveyed were under the impression home prices were unmoved last year when in fact, home prices were actually up four percent nationwide, and in 65 metro areas, they were up by double digit increases.

However, aside from a seemingly lack of interest, home prices are extremely important - whether you are a home owner, potential home-buyer or considering selling your house or condo.  For most folks, their home is the largest asset, and having knowledge of whether or not this asset is increasing in value should absolutely be of top concern.

For those considering buying a home, buying a beach condo or thinking of selling a waterfront estate, it is vital to know which way up or down prices are trending in a local real estate market. The survey results reveal a misconception that most folks have, believing home prices were flat when in fact the opposite is true.  Read more about this here...

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