Covid-19 & Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market #2

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Weekly Market Update:

On March 30th, Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order 20-89 which outlined which business across South Florida are considered "essential businesses". Real Estate under this executive order is considered an essential business.

As we continue to forge thru these challenging times, it's important to continue to adhere to CDC policies of sheltering in place. If you must go out, continue to practice social distancing, wearing a face mask in public and practice good hygiene.

Here is the latest Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market activity for April 14th thru April 19th:

Again, showings of properties are slim. Most properties are being shown virtually, by utilizing technology. There has been a steady increase of New Listings added to the market over the last 3 weeks. Closed Sales have fluctuated up and down. Pending Sales are almost double this past week compared to the two previous weeks and cancelled listings has dropped significantly from the beginning of the month, but remains steady the last 2 weeks.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate chart

Single Family Properties

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate chart

Condominiums, Townhouses & Co-Operatives

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate chart

* Sums may vary as numbers were updated in MLS after chart(s) created.

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