Best Month To Sell Your Fort Lauderdale Home or Condo

Posted by John Sabia on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 at 4:35pm.

Research Shows WHich Month is best to sell!

This Just In: Data Says May is the Best Month to Sell Your Home | MyKCM

A newly released study by ATTOM Data Solutions reveals homes sold in the month of May, netted home sellers an average of 5.9% above The estimated market value.

a Nationwide “analysis of 14.7 million home sales from 2011 to 2017” was conducted by ATTOM for this study. The chart below shows the Results the average seller premium achieved for each month of the year:

This Just In: Data Says May is the Best Month to Sell Your Home | MyKCM

ATTOM even went a step further and broke their results down by day.

Top 5 Days to Sell:

  • June 28th – 9.1% above market
  • February 15th – 9.0% above market
  • May 31st – 8.3% above market
  • May 29th – 8.2% above market
  • June 21st – 8.1% above market

It's not shocking to learn that May and June are the top months to sell, and 4 out of the top 5 days to sell, are during these two months.

Best Month To Sell

The Spring Home Buying Season, (April, May, June) is usually when competition is intense to find a dream home, which often leads to multiple offers & bidding wars.

One caution to note, is that when broken down by metro, ATTOM noticed that while warmer climates share in the overall trend, it turns out that they have different top months for sales. The best month to get the highest price for a home For Sale in Fort Lauderdale / Miami, for instance, was January. The best time to sell in Phoenix, AZ however, was November.

If you are considering selling your home this year, the time to list on the market is NOW! According to the National Association of Realtors, Closed Sales sold on an average of just 30 days last month!

The median Days on market for Fort Lauderdale Homes this year is 41. The Median Days on Market For Fort Lauderdale Condos for sale is 68

If you list now, you’ll have a really good chance to sell in May or June, setting yourself up for getting the best price!

Bottom Line

Contact me today to discuss the market conditions in our area and get you the most exposure to the buyers who are ready and willing to buy!

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