May 2019

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You've just closed on your new home and have finished unpacking and begin to settle in. You pick up your mail and you find a notice letting you know that your mortgage has been sold on the secondary market and is being serviced by a new company. You are stunned and question If this allowed? Then you start to worry if the terms of your mortgage have somehow changed? You ask yourself Why would the lender sell my mortgage?

One of the many documents you signed up front during the mortgage application was a a document called Mortgage Servicing Disclosure. This document reports what percentage of the lender’s loans are sold off. Quite often, the majority of approved and funded loans approved by a particular mortgage company will immediately be sold to

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Yard care is a big consideration for many homeowners. Real grass is high maintenance, expensive to water and even more expensive to replace when it burns or damages as a result of bad weather or pests. As an alternative, artificial grass may be perfect for some homeowners. Below are some reasons for and against turf.

For: No Maintenance: Artificial grass does not need mowing, edging, sod replacement, seeding, or watering. Once you lay it down your done. You will need to vacuum from time to time.

Against: Initial Expense: Prices for turf can range from $8-14 dollars per square foot. You can find sales and deals, but, as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for!". The upside is you won't need to re-sod or re-seed it.

For: Long-term

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