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In a recent study conducted by the US Census Bureau regarding household living arrangements with adults over the last 40 years, the study found that a plurality of adults in years 1970 and 2014 resided in a household with a spouse. However, this tendency is steadily changing as new research indicates the division between married adults and adults living together is quickly narrowing.  

Looking back just one year, married spouses were ahead by just 3.3 percent over non-married households. In addition, this study finds that married households have decreased by 20 percent over the past 44 years.

A separate study conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate revealed that seventeen percent of unmarried adults surveyed said they bought a home for sale or

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If you are unsure whether buying a home for sale / condo for sale is the right decision; or, if instead you should continue renting, newly released figures may help you make up your mind . A new analysis indicates that rental amounts have become far more expensive than ever before.

When budgeting for expenses, renters can now expect their rental payment to cost them 30.2 percent of their monthly income. Economists have long advised that spending 30 percent of your monthly income on housing is an acceptable amount. Even with just a slight bump in the percentage, historically however, rental prices have been much cheaper.

Looking back over the years, renters were paying approximately on average 24 percent of their income in 1979. When looking at the

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The US Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently released new estimates showing new single-family home construction jumped in July of this year increasing 12.8 percent higher than in June.

For four consistent months, new start-up housing have been at a more than one million per unit pace. For many years when new-home construction stalled behind several other economic measurements, however, start-up housing is now at the strongest level since October 2007. The good news adds to several other positive economic findings recently released that show the economy and real estate housing market have begun quarter 3 on a solid stance. However, even with the improvement, the total number of permits to construct new homes, which

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Mortgage rates dropped to a three month low last week according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Weekly Application Survey. In all mortgage categories, interest rates were down including 30-year fixed conforming and jumbo loans. Federal Housing Administrations (FHA) and 15-year fixed loans were down as well.

Worry about the Chinese economy caused interest rates to drop last week, resulting in a two basis point decline in 30-year fixed rates.  This drop caused rates to drop to the lowest rate since May of this year.  MBA's vice president of research and economics. Lynn Fisher said, “The pick-up in refinance activity was led by larger loan sizes on average, as continued investor interest drove jumbo interest rates down even further, by five basis

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Buyers from all over the globe aren't just buying Miami Real Estate, they are also heavily influencing the way builders design and build new luxury Miami condos for sale. As out of town purchasers flock to South Florida, they aren't just buying for investment, rather, they are looking for larger and more luxurious properties to purchase with all the bells and whistles.

The new luxury demands are from Latin American buyers who have been a strong force behind Miami's most recent real estate boom and wealthy Americans who see South Florida as more than just a vacation spot.  Many developers are also concentrating on Asian buyers by incorporating "feng shui" into their design.

From large out door family areas to live-in or guest quarters, security,

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A parcel of land in downtown Fort Lauderdale recently sold for $17.25 million to a West Palm Beach developer.  The lot presently used as a parking lot is located at 100 E Las Olas and measures 0.87 acres and neighbors the 42-story Las Olas River House condo and nearby downtown Fort Lauderdale condos such as WaterGarden, Las Olas Grand, 350 Las Olas Place and Symphony.

The developer, Kolter is in the beginning phase of proposing a high rise condo tower and hotel with restaurants and retail shops. Each building would be separate.

According to tax rolls, the land previously sold in 2007 for $14,925 million. Situated in a highly desirable and sought after area, the land has well appreciated over time since it's original sale in 1998 for $7million.

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Following the financial meltdown, first-time home buyers were not as active in the real estate market as they had been previously. However, the situation has since changed.  Today, there is a lot of chatter about first-time home buyers, and as a result, a large amount of focus has been centered on their return to the market and what it means for housing overall.

The National Association of Home Builders' 55+ Housing Market Index revealed there is an increased momentum in older home buyers being very active in the real estate market. The index - which looks at builder's confidence in the new home market with regards to buyers aged 55 and older continued to remain positive for the 2nd quarter of this year, registering a 57 on a scale that results above

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One of the financial experts I highly respect when it comes to financial advice is Suze Orman.  A lot of what she advises when it comes to money and financial freedom just makes common sense. One of her most recent email blasts had to do with offering advice to college graduates with student loans - what they need to know.  

In her email, she warned that being delinquent in paying back student loans is one of the most damaging financial mistakes one can ever make. The penalties and fees that will be tacked on to the original loan amount due can add up to many thousands of dollars. Making things worse, there is pretty much no avenue to take to to avoid this obligation because student Loans are almost impossible to get discharged in bankruptcy court. In

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When it comes to home insurance, here's a few helpful tips:

Often times, homeowners are confused when it comes to choosing the right amount of insurance coverage they need. If you purchase a home with financing, lenders typically require a borrower to obtain home insurance. However, if you purchase a home with all cash, should you still obtain insurance?

Even though many states do not require homeowners to be covered by insurance, obtaining insurance is a prudent decision. Choosing the correct amount of insurance coverage for any potential losses or liabilities is an important To Do item for most homeowners whether or not they have a loan on the property.

A homeowners policy, often referred to as an HO-3, can be very useful to help with major

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The Mortgage Bankers Association's Weekly Applications Survey revealed rates for a 30-year fixed conforming loan and jumbo loan were unchanged last week as compared to the week before. Loans that are backed by Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and 15-year fixed rate mortgages edged up just a bit.

The Mortgage Bankers Association VP of Research and economics, Lynn Fisher appeared on CNBC and explained that lower rates for mortgages have resulted in a recent up tick in refinance activity. Ms Fisher was quoted as saying, “As rates declined over the past few weeks, refinance activity picked up in terms of share and volume in the most recent week's data,” She added, “The refi share, at 53 percent, was the highest refi share since April and the refi index

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